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Coaster For Rent In Dubai

Coaster For Rent In Dubai UAE

Coaster For Rent In Dubai

By Coaster For Rent In Dubai it means a 30 seater Toyota Coaster with driver and fuel . The capacity of the bus is 29+1 seats where one seats is for the driver. There are 7 folding seats in the middle what block the pathway in the middle if used. Coaster For Rent In Dubai is one of the most in use bus program in the UAE. In 2017 the new model of Toyota coaster has changed the shape and capacity to 23 seats instead of 30. To hire a coaster from us you have many options like with driver but without fuel, with fuel and driver for full day. 

Coaster For Rent In Dubai Capacity :
(22 Basic Seats +7 Folding Seats+ 1 Driver Seat)

Ideal For : 20 passengers & luggage
Make : Japan
Type : Plain

Features :
Seats Belts, Fully Air-conditioned , High Roof, Wide, Radio , Cassette , Mic, CD Player &  AUX, Spacious, Comfortable, Climate Control & Full insurance. To know more about the specification please visit Toyota Coaster 30 Seats .

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The Toyota Coaster came in 1969 as a 17-passenger minibus using the same running gear as the Toyota Dyna of the time. Early models used the 2.0-liter Toyota R engine with 4-speed manual transmission.  Subsequent models at that time a variety of four and six-cylinder diesel and petrol engines, and an option of automatic transmission . A smaller alternative  at Toyopet Store locations, based on the Toyota ToyoAce called the Toyota HiAce which had the ability to carry up to 10 passengers but complied with Japanese Government regulations concerning exterior dimensions and engine displacement that the Coaster didn’t.

Toyota Coaster Up-gradations

In August 1997, Toyota “Coaster Hybrid EV” minibus was launched, ahead of the Prius. The Coaster Hybrid, according to Toyota, became its first production hybrid vehicle. Production of the Coaster Hybrid continued until 2007.

Toyota Coaster Global

The Coaster is common not only in SingaporeJapanHong Kong, and Australia, but also in the developing world for minibus operators in Africa, the Middle East, and the Caribbean. It is widely there in Santa Cruz de la SierraBoliviaPanama, and Peru as public transportation. It is the almost the only used mini bus in public transportation in Jordan and the brand is in use to refer to that segment by people and even by the government.

The chassis of the Toyota Coaster was also used on the Salvador Caetano Optimo and sold in Western Europe.

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