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School Transport Services

School Transport Services, school bus rentals

School Transport Services

School Transport Services

School Bus Rentals

Welcome to one of the biggest  School Transport Services, School Bus Rentals, and School Bus Service company in the UAE

Our main focus areas  in School Transport Services & school bus rentals with safety, reliability, punctuality and hygienic measures on daily basis. We do a daily random check up of our employees and vehicles to maintain high standards of quality . We provide,  to various Schools and Universities, our special services with international quality standards.  In any school, transportation is considered to be the backbone of the institution. We take pride in the fact that we have sustained several long-lasting relationships with different schools over the years. Wadi Swat Passengers Buses Transport give the best services with affordable rates together with all the mandatory school bus rental standards.

When it comes to School Buses, we believe in concentrating on three aspects:

School Transport Services, School Bus Rentals Rates 

For bus rental rates please visit our Dubai bus rental rates and Bus rental Dubai price.  School bus rental rates or you kindly visit our Home Page.

School Transport Services, School bus rentals with Safety 

We generally pay careful attention to all our passengers’ safety while transferring them onboard our vehicles but when it comes to School Buses, no amount of close attention is ever considered enough.

For this reason, we have always welcomed the RTA’s and DOT’s initiatives to improve the safety of School Buses in the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We are also present elsewhere in the UAE. The yellow paint on buses , the bold lettering , the flashing lights and  external cameras on-board. 3-point seat belts for all seats, are all examples of the safety initiatives reflected on our school bus fleet. In short, all our buses are as per the RTA . Also, the buses have from FTA and local authorities. Our School bus rentals program is running in all the seven states and major cities of the UAE but our safety standards are appreciated all over.

School Transport Services Security

School Bus Rentals and School Transport services give the best security to your child and our employees at the same time. Using hi-tech equipment such as CCTV cameras with live-streaming feature. GPS live tracking and RFID student tracking, our Logistics team always have answers to the following information at any given point in time:

a. Where are all our school buses ? (GPS trackers)

b. What is happening on-board? (Live streaming CCTV footage)

c. Which student is on board? (Student RFID trackers)

School Bus Services with comfort

We have taken measures to make the ride for our precious passengers as comfortable as possible. Moreover, majority of our School Buses run on petrol engines rather than the usually preferred diesel engines. However,  Petrol engines are generally less-noisy making the interior cabin as comfortable as possible. Our professional drivers make sure the buses are always clean, the air condition is good and free off unpleasant odors etc.

Finally, we are also looking into the possibility of installing Entertainment Screens. This is  to alleviate the boredom of some of our younger passengers that comes with traveling on a bus.

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