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Transport or transportation of passengers, types of transport, public and private transport in Dubai, Dubai Transport Authority these are the titles under discussion. Dubai is famous for its superior transport system that caters to the needs of both visitors and locals. In this article, we will explore the different types of transport available in Dubai and why it is one of the best in the world.


Public transport includes bus services, metro trains, and railway lines, called Dubai Metro, public trams, and ferries. Private transport includes taxis and car rentals.


In Dubai, there are a variety of types of transport for passengers, including buses, taxis, and limousines. There are also other modes of transport such as ferries and water taxis. All these different transport forms have specific purposes and their own costs.

Public and Private Transportation in Dubai

There are two types of public transport in Dubai: the bus, which is the most common form, and The Metro. There are also three modes of private transport: taxi, car, and limousine. Riders may choose between these different options to get around the city.

Sea Transport vs Land/Air benefits & cost comparison

Dubai has a large sea port with an annual throughput of 2.5 million passengers. Some travelers say that they prefer sea transport to land transportation in Dubai because they find the air travel and road traffic to be too chaotic. However, there is some concern that sea ports may be somewhat unsafe.

What is public transport in Dubai?

Public transport in Dubai is a means of transport utilized by the general public, it consists of a variety of services including buses, minibuses, metros and trains.

Who provides private transport in Dubai?

Private transport in Dubai can be provided by bus companies that are licensed to provide private transport. These companies are registered under RTA ( Road & Transport Authority ). Wadi Swat Buses Rental LLC is a registered privately managed buses rental company in Dubai.

Sea vs Land/Air benefits & cost comparison

As Dubai’s population has grown and the city is developing at a rapid speed, transportation has become more and more important. It has been reported that the Sea Transport of passengers from one location to another is seven times cheaper than the Land/Air transport. This is due to the low cost of car rental for a vehicle in Dubai compared to other countries.

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