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Bus rental Ajman or Ajman bus rental provides buses and vans inside Ajman with discounted rates. Bus rental Ajman also provides buses from Ajman to Dubai, buses from Ajman to Abu Dhabi, and buses from Ajman to Sharjah. Wadi Swat bus Rental LLC is keen to support you with the latest variety of buses and vans of all types and sizes. Recently Ajman Transport or Transport Ajman (www.ta.gov.ae) introduced new types of regulations regarding bus permits and penalties. If you are a bus company or rental bus agency you must have an account in Transport Ajman in order to issue permits. The permits start from AED 1450 until AED 3000 for 6 months including bus and driver.

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Bus Rental Ajman Rates

What are Ajman Bus Rental Rates?

From the very reliable resources below are the average daily prices for all the vans, minibuses and heavy buses in Ajman in the year 2024 and onward.

Vehicle Type

Average Daily Rental Rate in Ajman (AED)

Mercedes Sprinter (13 Seats)

2000 – 2500 (within same state)


2500 – 3500 (travelling to another state)

Hiace (Hi Roof) 12-15 Seats

550 – 650 (within same state)


600 – 900 (travelling to another state)

Coaster 22-30 Seats

650 – 750 (within same state)


700 – 900 (travelling to another state)

Rosa 26-34 Seats

650 – 750 (within same state)


700 – 900 (travelling to another state)

Luxury Bus 35 Seats

750 – 850 (within same state)


1000 – 1500 (travelling to another state)

Luxury Bus 50 Seats

1000 – 1600 (within same state)


1200 – 1600 (travelling to another state)

Ajman Bus Rental - Process, Rates and updates

Exploring Bus Rental in Ajman: A Comprehensive Guide

Ajman, the smallest yet one of the most vibrant emirates in the United Arab Emirates, offers a plethora of opportunities for group travel. Whether it’s for corporate events, family gatherings, or school trips, bus rental services in Ajman provide an efficient and economical way to travel. This article delves into the nuances of bus rental services in Ajman, providing valuable insights and practical tips.

Understanding the Bus Rental Market in Ajman

Variety of Buses Available

In Ajman, the array of buses available for rental caters to diverse group sizes and preferences. Ranging from compact mini-buses ideal for small groups to spacious luxury coaches equipped with modern amenities, there’s a vehicle for every need. Understanding the specific features of each type, such as seating capacity, onboard facilities, and accessibility options, is crucial in making an informed choice.

Comparing Rental Prices and Packages

The bus rental market in Ajman is competitive, offering various price points and packages to suit different budgets. Some companies provide all-inclusive packages covering driver services, fuel, and insurance, while others may offer more flexible, customizable options. It’s essential to compare these packages, considering factors like duration of rental, distance to be traveled, and additional services to find the best deal.

Safety Standards and Regulations

Safety is paramount in the bus rental industry. Ajman’s regulations ensure that all rental buses adhere to strict safety standards, including regular maintenance checks, emergency equipment, and trained drivers. Renters should inquire about these safety measures and any additional protocols, such as COVID-19 related guidelines, to ensure a safe and secure journey.

Choosing the Right Bus Rental Service

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Bus Rental Company

When choosing a bus rental service in Ajman, consider factors like the company’s reputation, the condition of their fleet, and customer feedback. Reliability in terms of punctuality and adherence to schedules is crucial. Additionally, attentive customer service that can efficiently handle bookings and address concerns is a significant plus.

Reviews and Testimonials: What Customers Say

Customer reviews and testimonials can provide invaluable insights into the actual experiences with bus rental services. Positive feedback regarding driver professionalism, vehicle condition, and overall service quality can guide you toward reputable providers.

Booking Process and Customer Support

A smooth booking process and robust customer support are indicators of a good bus rental service. Look for companies that offer an easy, transparent booking process, perhaps with online options, and provide clear communication channels for any queries or support needed before, during, and after the rental period.

Planning Your Journey in Ajman

Popular Routes and Destinations

Ajman, though small, is packed with attractions. Popular routes often include coastal drives, visits to cultural sites like the Ajman Museum, or shopping destinations. Many also opt for scenic drives to nearby emirates like Dubai and Sharjah, enhancing the travel experience.

Tips for a Smooth Group Travel Experience

To ensure a smooth group travel experience, plan the itinerary in advance, communicate clearly with all group members, and confirm logistics like pick-up points and times. It’s also wise to have a contingency plan for any delays or changes.

Dealing with Unexpected Situations

Be prepared for unexpected situations like traffic delays or weather changes. It’s advisable to have a flexible itinerary and maintain open communication with the bus rental company to manage any unforeseen circumstances effectively.

Bus Rental for Special Events

Weddings and Family Gatherings

For weddings and family gatherings, bus rentals in Ajman offer a convenient and stress-free way to transport guests. It ensures timely arrival and departure, adding comfort and luxury to the celebration.

Corporate Events and Conferences

Bus rentals are ideal for corporate events and conferences, facilitating easy movement of attendees. It reflects a level of professionalism and organization, making a positive impression.

School Trips and Educational Tours

Schools and educational institutions find bus rentals in Ajman to be a safe and efficient mode of transportation for field trips and educational tours. It provides a controlled environment for students and eases logistical challenges for organizers.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Practices in Bus Rentals

Green Initiatives in the Bus Rental Industry

The bus rental industry in Ajman is increasingly adopting green initiatives, such as using fuel-efficient vehicles and promoting carpooling to reduce carbon footprints. Some companies are even exploring electric buses, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Eco-Friendly Travel Tips for Groups

Groups can contribute to sustainable travel by minimizing waste, opting for eco-friendly vehicles, and following eco-conscious practices like recycling during their journeys.

Navigating the Legalities and Insurance Aspects

Understanding Rental Agreements

It’s crucial to understand the terms and conditions of the rental agreement, including clauses on cancellations, extensions, and liabilities. Knowing your rights and responsibilities can avoid misunderstandings.

Insurance Coverage and Liability

Most bus rental services in Ajman include insurance coverage in their packages. However, it’s advisable to understand the extent of this coverage and any additional options available for enhanced protection.

Leveraging Technology in Bus Rentals

Online Booking and Mobile Apps

The use of technology, such as online booking systems and mobile apps, has streamlined the bus rental process in Ajman. These tools provide convenience, instant confirmations, and easy access to information.

GPS and Safety Features in Buses

Modern buses are often equipped with GPS tracking and advanced safety features. These technologies not only enhance the safety of passengers but also allow for efficient route planning and real-time tracking.

Bus Rental Ajman: Expert Insights and Future Trends

Interviews with Industry Experts

Insights from industry experts reveal a focus on customer experience, technological integration, and expansion of eco-friendly options in the bus rental sector in Ajman.

Future Trends in Bus Rental Services

The future of bus rental in Ajman looks promising, with trends indicating a rise in demand for luxury and eco-friendly options, and an increased focus on digital solutions for enhanced customer experiences.

Premium Bus Rental Services in Ajman

Navigate the vibrant city of Ajman with our top-tier bus rental services, offering comfort, reliability, and convenience for all your travel needs.

Explore Ajman with Comfort and Style

Our buses provide a luxurious and comfortable way to see the city's attractions, perfect for tourists and locals alike.

Affordable, Quality Service You Can Trust

Enjoy competitive pricing without compromising on quality, ensuring your travels in Ajman are both enjoyable and economical.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Groups

From corporate delegations to school trips, our fleet caters to a wide range of group sizes and requirements.

Bus For Rent in Ajman


In Ajman Bus for Rent is not very simple it requires much documentation on part of the bus rental company like submission of a trade license, labor card copy, Emirates ID copy, Good conduct certificate for drivers, passport copy etcetera. Bus rental in Ajman can be done on monthly basis as well which starts from AED 5500/- Per month for a 12-seater bus but a 23 to 30-seater coaster bus may cost AED 7500. Buses rent in Ajman is a bit more than in Sharjah due to the expensive permits. Bus Rental companies have to take permits every year on a renewal basis as well as have to renew their insurance policies too.

Vehicle permit in ajman

An “Ajman Permit” refers to a Passenger Transport Permit required for vehicles leased by transport companies in Ajman. This permit is essential for operating rental buses, vans, and minibuses. The process of obtaining these permits involves applying through the relevant authorities, and the validity duration of each permit can vary based on the company’s requirements.

The entity responsible for issuing these permits is the Department of Digital Ajman. They manage the application and renewal processes for these transport permits.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the permit fees for different types of vehicles based on their passenger capacity. It’s important to note that while the provided information includes fees for 1 month, 6 months, and 1 year, details for periods like 1 week and 3 months are not explicitly mentioned in the available resources and might need direct inquiry with the Department of Transport called Ajman Transport.

Vehicle Type (Based on Passenger Capacity)Permit Fee for 1 Month (AED)Permit Fee for 6 Months (AED)Permit Fee for 1 Year (AED)
28 to 50 Passengers3757501500
More than 50 Passengers55011002,200
09 to 27 Passengers225450900

Additionally, there is a fee of AED 1000 for vehicle registration for each year. This fee structure provides a clear indication of the costs involved in obtaining a permit for buses of various sizes in Ajman.

For specific details on how to obtain these permits, including the application process for different periods like 1 week, 3 months, or any other specific requirements, it would be best to contact the Department of Digital Ajman directly or visit their official website. They can provide the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the permit process and any associated fees.

Ajman Bus Rental Rates by graph

A graphical demonstration of bus rental rates in Ajman from the year 2018 onward until 2023 for all the different types of vehicles from 9 seater to 84 seater

Here is a graphical demonstration showing the trend of bus rental rates in Ajman from 2018 to 2023 for different types of vehicles, ranging from 9-seaters to 84-seaters. This multi-line chart represents each vehicle type with a distinct colored line, helping you visualize the general trend in rental rates over these years. The Y-axis indicates the average daily rental rates in AED, while the X-axis shows the progression of years from 2018 to 2023.

In the chart, each line corresponds to a different type of vehicle, such as 9-seater, 12-seater, 15-seater, 23-seater, 30-seater, 35-seater, 50-seater, 60-seater, and 84-seater buses. The chart’s design enables you to easily compare the rental rate trends across different bus types over the given time frame.

The trend lines generally show how the rental rates have evolved from 2018 to 2023. It’s evident from the graph that there has been a variation in rental rates, possibly influenced by factors like market demand, inflation, and operational costs in Ajman’s transport sector.

Please note, this graphical representation is based on hypothetical or average data and is intended for illustrative purposes. For precise and current rental rates, it’s advisable to contact bus rental service providers directly in Ajman.

Ajman Bus Rental Rates
Bus For Rent in Ajman


Buses normally available for rent are Minibuses, school buses, Luxury buses, party buses etcetera. We at Wadi Swat Bus Rental LLC deal in all kinds of minibusses, luxury buses as well as school buses we have a wide range of vehicles available for our customers on rent which they can select according to their needs and requirement like 12 seater minibus, 14 seater minibus, 22 seater minibus, 30 seater luxury bus, 45 seater luxury coaches, 50 seater double-decker buses too. Currently, we don’t have any facility for party buses but hopefully, soon we will introduce that service for our customers too so that they don’t have to go anywhere else and get all kinds of services related to Bus Rental under one roof.

With Bus Rental Ajman, Wadi Swat Passengers Buses Transport is carrying out successful operations for many years. We are based in Sharjah and Ajman plus our operational offices are available in all seven emirates of the UAE. Our company is registered both with Sharjah and Ajman Mawasalat or RTA Ajman. Bus rental in Ajman covers all the buses ranging from 12 seaters up to 84 seats.

Bus For Rent in Ajman

If you’re looking for a fun way to explore Ajman, consider renting a bus for a city tour. Bus rental companies can provide vehicles that are perfect for large groups, and they can help you plan an itinerary that will showcase all of the best sights and attractions in Ajman.

There are a number of different bus rental companies that offer city tours of Ajman, so be sure to do your research before making a decision. It’s a good idea to have an idea of what you’d like to see before booking, as most companies have specific itineraries that they follow.

The bus tour is a great way to see everything Ajman has to offer, and it’s perfect for visitors who want to experience everything the city has to offer in a short amount of time. Bus rental companies typically provide knowledgeable guides who can answer any questions you may have about the city, and they can also provide tips on where to eat and shop.

  • 1. Bus rental prices vary depending on the size and type of bus.
  • 2. Larger buses can accommodate more passengers, but they are also more expensive to rent.
  • 3. Make sure to inquire about any additional fees that may apply, such as fuel surcharges or driver’s gratuity.
  • 4. Ask about any restrictions or limitations that may apply, such as route restrictions or minimum passenger requirements.
  • 5. Be sure to ask about the company’s cancellation policy in case you need to cancel your reservation.
Bus For Rent in Ajman


What is a minibus? How to rent a minibus in Dubai? How much does a minibus costs in Dubai? A minibus is a vehicle that is bigger than a van and smaller than a coach. A minibus is normally from 20 seats up to 30 seats. Minibus rental Dubai is composed of buses in the range of 18 seater, 20 seater, 22 seater, 23  seater, 25 seater & 30 seater. Minibus in Dubai is offering you Dubai City Tour, Dubai City Sight Seeing & Dubai Airport Transfer. A minibus rental Dubai normally costs AED 750 per day inside Dubai for ten hours. For Dubai City Tours it costs AED 700 to AED 750 and AED 550 for half day tour.


Ajman to Dubai and Ajman to Sharjah labor bus rental facility available with very special rates.60 Seater bus for rent in Sharjah and Dubai. Labor Transport between Sharjah and Dubai. Labor transfer from Sharjah to Dubai and back. 66 seater bus for rent in Sharjah and Ajman. 67 seater bus rental in Dubai. 65 seater bus hire in Sharjah and Dubai. 60 seater bus for rent with driver in Dubai.

Bus Rental Ajman, Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi
Bus For Rent in Ajman


Van Rental Dubai with Driver and fuel. Bus rental Ajman provides you all types of vans from 10 seats upto 15 seats. Typically, a van is provided with driver in Dubai. A van is generally a vehicle that is neither a bus nor a car. Van Rental Dubai with driver costs AED 600 – AED 700 per day. A luxury van rental costs AED 1600 – AED 2000 per day. Our Van Rental service is normally used for Dubai Airport Transfer, Dubai City Tour and Hotel Transfer. Van rental Dubai with driver offers high quality services with special rates for the year 2020.





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