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15 Seater Van For Rent

15 Seater Van For Rent

15 Seater Van For Rent

By 15 seater van for rent we mean a bus of 15 seater High Roofed Hiace . It has one seat for the driver and the remaining 14 are available for the passengers. No doubt, it is very good for 14 passengers but in this case the middle folding seats will also be consumed. It is recommended that the 11 basic seats are used and the middle folding seats should not be used. The same vehicle is ideal only for 10 passengers with their 10 medium size bags. For more info kindly go to our Contact Us page or Bus Rental Prices 

A 15 seater Van for rent has the following Features 

CCTV Cameras, LCD Screen , STOP Board, Fire Extinguisher, Seats Belts, Fully Air-conditioned, Radio , Cassette , Wide, Spacious, Comfortable, Climate Control & Full insurance. 15 seater van for rent   means the bus has capacity of 14 passengers plus a driver. Dubai RTA is still accepting 14 plus one seating capacity while registration in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain are accepting only 9 seats. Sharjah & Ajman are accepting  only 11 plus one combination. Kindly browse our home page and check all the info about booking.

For more info please visit Dubai RTA or Sharjah Mawasalat websites.

Areas Of Working : Tourists bus, Students Transportation by YELLOW & WHITE Buses, Staff Transportation, Labor Transportation

Approved from  :  The Ministry of Education & Road & Transport Authority

Mode Of Hiring :  With Driver & Fuel,  With Driver but without fuel

Leasing  Time   :  For daily, Weekly or Monthly rent or Lease

For more info kindly drop us an email or contact by phone , SMS or WhatsApp

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E Mail : mukhtar at swattransport.ae


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