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Spacious and Convenient: 15 Seater Van Rental by SWAT Transport

15 seater van for rent in Dubai we mean a bus of 15 seater High Roofed Hiace. It has one seat for the driver and the remaining 14 are available for the passengers. No doubt, it is very good for 14 passengers but in this case, the passengers can consume the middle folding seats. We recommend that the 11 basic seats are used and the middle folding seats should not be used. The same vehicle is ideal only for 10 passengers with 10 medium size bags. For more info kindly go to Bus Rental Prices.

Travel Together with Ease: Rent a 15 Seater Van from SWAT Transport

What is a 15 seater Hiace Van?

15-Seater Hiace for rent In the recent past a 15-seater bus either a Toyota Hiace or Nissan Urvan. But, at present, we have many other brands that have 12 to 15-seater vans. Hyundai has an H1 that can accommodate 12 passengers, a Mercedes sprinter can accommodate 15 passengers as well.15 Seater van or bus is the most usable vehicle in the UAE market.
We have 15 seater van for rent with driver and fuel for schools, staff transport, and workers transport. There is a delivery van for courier companies, for laundries and at the same time the least comfortable one for laborers. We have the modern terms High Roof, Mid Roof, and standard roof. The hospitality and tourism industries love high-roof vans. A 15-seater van is very good for an airport transfer, hotel transfer, and family.


15-Seater Bus rental A typical 15-seater Hiace or high roof van or bus costs AED 600- AED 650 per day for ten hours inside Dubai. The same bus costs AED 650- AED 700 if the requirement is to take it to other cities. The weekly cost is 3300 to 3500 depending on the situation. A week has 6 working days each of max ten hours. A bus can be used between two cities max in a day. 15 Seater bus in Abu Dhabi Mercedes Sprinter is a VIP class luxury van normally used for very VIP families and delegations. It is also in use for Airport transfers and City Sightseeing tours. A 15-seater van for rent in Dubai and Sharjah with a driver is always available for our guests. As per the demand sometimes it is hard to make it available.

15-Seater Luxury Mercedes Van For Rent

A Mercedes Sprinter is a very fine quality Luxury van that has excellent quality and high standard interiors and prime quality drive. A typical Mercedes sprinter is 15 +1 seats while there are 19+1 seating capacity vans also. CCTV Cameras, LCD Screen, STOP Board, Fire Extinguisher, Seats Belts, Fully Air-conditioned, Radio, Cassette, Wide, Spacious, Comfortable, Climate Control & Full insurance. 15 seater van for rent means the bus has a capacity of 14 passengers plus a driver. Dubai RTA is still accepting 14 plus one seating capacity while registration in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain are accepting only 9 seats. Sharjah & Ajman are accepting only 11 plus one combination. Kindly browse our home page and check all the info about booking.

Explore Our 15-Seater Van Rental Options

Discover the convenience of our 15-seater van rentals at Swat Transport. Whether you're planning a family trip, a corporate event, or a group outing, our 15-seater vans offer ample space and comfort for your transportation needs. And for those times when your group exceeds 15 passengers, consider our versatile 16 SEATER MINI BUS rental option. With the 16 SEATER MINI BUS, you can easily accommodate larger groups while ensuring everyone travels comfortably. Trust Swat Transport for all your group travel requirements, with options that include our 15-seater van and the flexible 16 SEATER MINI BUS.

12 Seater Toyota Hiace Van – Rentals by Swat Transport
15 Seater Van For Rent
15 Seater Van For Rent
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Majestic Comfort: 15 Seater Van For Rent

BRANDS IN USE Toyota Hiace, Nissan Urvan , Hyundai H1
USED FOR Tourism, Staff Transport, Hotel Transfer, Sight-seeing, Airport Transfer, Labor or site work transport
LUGGAGE CAPACITY 5 Normal bags if used for 10 or less than 10 people.
WHAT INCLUDES Seat Belts, MIC, AUX, First AID Box, Fire Extinguisher
TYPE OF INSURANCE Full & Comprehensive Insurance
FUEL TYPE Petrol Only
DAILY RENT Daily: 350 – 750 AED
AIRPORT TRANSFER RATE AED 300 + Airport Parking Fee if any, One-way transfer AED 300- 350
MONTHLY RENT Daily: 3500 – 7000 AED
MAX HOURS PER DAY AED 3500 – AED 4000 Per month bus without driver and without fuel * . Given to registered clients