Toyota Hiace For Rent in Dubai

Toyota Hiace in the UAE

The Toyota Hiace, a name synonymous with reliability and versatility, has been a pivotal player in the commercial and passenger vehicle segment for decades. Known for its robust build, spacious interior, and adaptable nature, the Hiace has carved a niche for itself in various markets worldwide. This article delves deep into the aspects that make the Toyota Hiace a preferred choice for many.

toyota hiace for rent in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and Abu dhabi
Toyota Hiace For Rent in Dubai

History and Evolution of Toyota Hiace

Origins and Early Models

The Toyota Hiace first graced the roads in 1967, marking the beginning of a legacy in the commercial vehicle sector. Initially designed as a compact, versatile van, it catered to the needs of small businesses and families alike. Its early models, characterized by their boxy shape and practical design, set a new standard in the light commercial vehicle market.

Generational Changes and Improvements

Over the years, the Hiace has undergone significant transformations. Each generation brought with it advancements in design, technology, and performance. From the angular lines of the first-generation models to the more aerodynamic and modern designs of the latest iterations, the Hiace has continually evolved to meet changing market demands and consumer preferences.

Global Reach and Popularity

The Toyota Hiace’s appeal isn’t confined to any single market. It has gained widespread popularity across Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and many parts of Europe and Australia. Its reputation for durability and adaptability has made it a preferred choice for various applications, from public transportation to mobile workshops.

Toyota Hiace

Exterior Styling Across Generations

The evolution of the Toyota Hiace’s exterior is a journey through the changing trends in automotive design. The latest models sport sleek lines, a more dynamic front fascia, and an overall aesthetic that aligns with modern tastes while retaining the functional appeal of its predecessors.

Interior Comfort and Functionality

Inside, the Hiace is a blend of comfort and practicality. The spacious cabin, with its configurable seating and ample storage spaces, caters to both passenger comfort and cargo needs. Enhanced ergonomics and modern amenities ensure a pleasant experience for both driver and passengers.

Safety Features and Innovations

Toyota has consistently upgraded the Hiace with the latest safety technologies. Features like advanced airbag systems, ABS brakes, and stability control are standard, while newer models incorporate more sophisticated systems like lane departure alerts and rear-view cameras, enhancing safety for everyone on board.

Performance and Engine Specifications

Engine Variants and Fuel Efficiency

The Hiace offers a range of engine options, including petrol and diesel variants. These engines are designed for optimal balance between power and fuel efficiency, making the Hiace an economical choice for both short trips and long hauls.

Handling and Driving Experience

Despite its size, the Toyota Hiace offers a surprisingly nimble driving experience. Its suspension system is tuned for a comfortable ride, even when fully loaded, and its handling characteristics make it easy to maneuver, even in tight urban environments.

Transmission and Drivetrain Options

Depending on the model and market, the Hiace comes with manual or automatic transmissions and in some regions, a choice between two-wheel and four-wheel drive. This diversity ensures that there's a Hiace suitable for a variety of driving conditions and requirements.

Toyota Hiace For Rent in Dubai

Model Variants and Special Editions

Comparing Different Hiace Models

From the basic panel van to the luxurious Super Grandia variant, the Hiace range has something for everyone. Each model is tailored to meet specific needs, whether it’s for cargo hauling, passenger transport, or even as a mobile office or workshop.

Special Editions and Market-Specific Versions

Occasionally, Toyota releases special editions of the Hiace, featuring unique styling cues and additional features. These limited editions, along with market-specific versions, cater to unique consumer preferences and needs across different regions.

Customization and Aftermarket Modifications

One of the Hiace’s greatest strengths is its adaptability. The vehicle’s design lends itself to a wide range of modifications and customizations, making it a popular choice for businesses that require specialized vehicle solutions.

Toyota Hiace For Rent in Dubai

Practicality and Versatility

Cargo Space and Seating Configurations

The Toyota Hiace’s interior is ingeniously designed to maximize space and versatility. With various seating configurations, it can accommodate up to 15 passengers in some models, while others focus on maximizing cargo space. The ability to reconfigure the interior makes the Hiace ideal for a range of applications, from passenger transport to cargo delivery.

Adaptability for Different Uses

The Hiace’s versatility extends beyond passenger and cargo transport. It’s widely used as an ambulance, a mobile workshop, and even converted into a mobile home. Its robust chassis and spacious interior provide an excellent base for a multitude of custom conversions.

Comparison with Competitors

When compared to its competitors, the Toyota Hiace often stands out for its reliability, spaciousness, and versatility. While other vehicles may offer specific advantages in luxury or technology, the Hiace maintains a strong position in the market due to its all-around capabilities and Toyota’s reputation for durability.

Toyota Hiace For Rent in Dubai

Maintenance and Reliability

Common Maintenance Needs

Toyota's reputation for reliability is well-represented in the Hiace. Its maintenance needs are generally straightforward and infrequent, especially with regular servicing. Common maintenance tasks include oil and filter changes, brake inspections, and tire rotations.

Longevity and Durability

The Hiace is known for its longevity. Many Hiace vans have been known to exceed several hundred thousand kilometers with proper care. This durability is a key factor in its popularity, especially in markets where ruggedness and dependability are paramount.

Cost of Ownership and Resale Value

The total cost of ownership for a Toyota Hiace is relatively low compared to many of its rivals. This is due to its fuel efficiency, low maintenance costs, and the high resale value it retains. The Hiace's robust build means it depreciates slower than many other vehicles in its class.

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The Hiace in Popular Culture and Media

Appearances in Films and Television

The Toyota Hiace has made numerous appearances in films and TV shows around the world, often depicted as the dependable, go-to vehicle for various roles, from the action-packed getaway car to the reliable family van.

The Hiace in Video Games and Literature

In video games and literature, the Hiace is often portrayed as the unsung hero of the road, featuring in various scenarios that showcase its versatility and dependability.

Iconic Status and Fan Following

The Hiace has garnered a cult following among enthusiasts, with fan clubs and forums dedicated to Hiace owners sharing their experiences, customizations, and adventures. This community highlights the vehicle's impact and the fondness it holds in the hearts of many.

Toyota Hiace For Rent in Dubai

The Hiace in Business Applications

Use in Logistics and Transport

In the logistics and transport sector, the Hiace is a common sight. Its reliability and spacious cargo area make it ideal for deliveries, while its passenger models are widely used in shuttle services and as taxis.

Adaptations for Specialized Business Needs

Businesses often choose the Hiace for its adaptability. It's been transformed into mobile offices, catering vans, and even mobile clinics, proving its capability to be customized to meet specific business needs.

Case Studies of Business Success with Hiace

Several businesses attribute a part of their success to the reliability and versatility of the Toyota Hiace. Its ability to adapt to different business needs while minimizing downtime has made it a valuable asset in various industries.

Toyota Hiace For Rent in Dubai


In the world of passenger vans, the Toyota Hiace stands as a symbol of reliability and versatility. But what exactly is a Toyota Hiace van, and why is it so renowned? In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the history, specifications, and unique features of the Toyota Hiace. So, fasten your seatbelts, and let’s explore the world of Hiace.


Discover the history, specifications, and unique features of the Toyota Hiace. Learn why it’s the top choice in the UAE and why Wadi Swat has the largest Hiace fleet.


The Toyota Hiace, a name synonymous with dependable passenger transportation, has been a global icon for decades. This article will provide you with a detailed understanding of what the Toyota Hiace is, its origins, various types, technical specifications, and its prominence in the UAE market. Additionally, we’ll explore the reasons behind Wadi Swat’s impressive fleet of Hiace vans.

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Let’s dive into the technical details that make the Toyota Hiace an exceptional choice:


The Hiace can accommodate up to 15 passengers, making it ideal for large groups.


The Hiace comes with a range of engines, with varying horsepower capacity and fuel efficiency.

Engine Specifications

The engine size and specifications of the Toyota Hiace bus vary by model, providing flexibility for different uses.


It boasts varying dimensions, with options for length, height, and weight to suit different needs.

Fuel Tank Capacity

The fuel tank capacity varies depending on the specific model, allowing for longer journeys.

Toyota Hiace For Rent in Dubai


The Toyota Hiace, first introduced in 1967, is a renowned passenger van known for its durability, versatility, and spacious interiors. It was invented by the Japanese automaker Toyota and was initially launched in Japan.


  1. Toyota Hiace Passenger Van: The standard Hiace passenger van is available in various seating capacities, including 9, 12, 13, 14, and 15 seats.
  2. Toyota Hiace Commuter: Designed for comfortable and efficient transportation, the Hiace Commuter offers ample space and seating options.
  3. Toyota Hiace Cargo Van: Known for its cargo-carrying capabilities, this variant is a popular choice for businesses worldwide.
Toyota Hiace For Rent in Dubai

Technological Advancements in Recent Models

Infotainment and Connectivity Features

The latest models of the Hiace come equipped with advanced infotainment systems, offering connectivity options like Bluetooth, GPS navigation, and smartphone integration, enhancing the driving experience for both drivers and passengers.

Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems

Toyota has integrated advanced driver-assistance systems in recent Hiace models. These include features like automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, and adaptive cruise control, making the Hiace safer and more comfortable to drive.

Environmental Sustainability Efforts

With a focus on reducing the environmental impact, Toyota is continually working on improving the fuel efficiency of the Hiace. Efforts are also being made to introduce hybrid and electric variants, aligning with global sustainability goals.

Toyota Hiace

Potential Developments and Innovations

Looking forward, the Toyota Hiace is set to undergo further innovations in technology, design, and performance. With the automotive industry evolving rapidly, the Hiace is expected to adapt with advancements in electric vehicle technology, autonomous driving features, and improved connectivity.

Electric and Hybrid Variants

As the demand for environmentally friendly vehicles increases, Toyota is likely to introduce electric and hybrid variants of the Hiace. These models will offer a greener alternative to the traditional combustion engines, reducing emissions and running costs.

Market Trends and Consumer Expectations

The future of the Toyota Hiace will be shaped by changing market trends and consumer expectations. As customers seek more efficient, technologically advanced, and versatile vehicles, Toyota is poised to respond with innovations that keep the Hiace at the forefront of its class.

Toyota Hiace Prices in the UAE

Overview of Market Pricing

The pricing of the Toyota Hiace in the UAE varies based on the model, year, and specifications. The cost can range from approximately AED 70,000 for base models to over AED 120,000 for higher-end variants.

Factors Influencing Prices

Prices are influenced by factors like the vehicle's condition, mileage, additional features, and the current automotive market trends in the UAE.

Toyota Hiace For Rent in Dubai

Toyota Hiace in the UAE: Prices, Rental Rates, and Uses in Wadi Swat Bus Rental LLC

The Toyota Hiace, renowned for its reliability and versatility, holds a significant position in the United Arab Emirates' (UAE) automotive market. Its popularity is evident in various sectors, especially in business applications like those seen in Wadi Swat Bus Rental LLC. This section explores the pricing, rental rates, and usage of the Toyota Hiace in the UAE, providing insights into its demand and practical applications.

Rental Rates of Toyota Hiace in the UAE

Daily Rental Rates

The daily rental rates for a Toyota Hiace typically range from AED 300 to AED 500, depending on the rental agency, model year, and the vehicle's features.

Monthly Rental Rates

Monthly rental rates are the most economical, ranging from AED 4,500 to AED 7,000, ideal for long-term usage and business needs.

Weekly Rental Rates

For weekly rentals, customers can expect rates between AED 1,500 and AED 2,500, offering a more cost-effective option compared to daily rentals.

Toyota Hiace For Rent in Dubai


The Toyota Hiace’s fame is well-deserved, thanks to its exceptional qualities:

  • Reliability: Hiace vans are renowned for their longevity and minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Versatility: They can serve as passenger vehicles, cargo carriers, or even customized for specific purposes.
  • Global Reputation: The Hiace is trusted and used in various parts of the world, earning its reputation as a reliable passenger van.

Uses of Toyota Hiace in the UAE

Commercial and Business Use

The Hiace is extensively used for commercial purposes, including goods transportation, staff transport, and as a service vehicle for various industries.

Personal and Family Use

Its spacious interior makes it a popular choice for large families and groups, especially for travel and leisure activities across the UAE.

Specialized Applications

The Hiace is also used for specialized purposes like school transportation, hotel guest transport, and as a customizable vehicle for specific business needs.

Toyota Hiace For Rent in Dubai

For those considering a passenger van, a comparison between the Toyota Hiace and the Nissan Urvan can be insightful. These two options have unique features and advantages.


The Toyota Hiace is a popular choice in the United Arab Emirates for several reasons:

  • Daily Rent: It offers competitive daily rental rates, making it an attractive option for tourists and businesses.
  • Mileage per Litre: The Hiace delivers impressive fuel efficiency, ensuring cost-effective operations.
  • Maximum Speed: It provides a comfortable and safe driving experience, with a maximum speed that meets UAE road standards.


Wadi Swat, with its extensive fleet of Toyota Hiace vans, has become a leader in passenger transportation services in the UAE. Their fleet includes 9-seater, 12-seater, 13-seater, 14-seater, and 15-seater Hiace models.

Toyota Hiace For Rent in Dubai

Toyota Hiace in Wadi Swat Bus Rental LLC

Role in Fleet Services

Wadi Swat Bus Rental LLC utilizes the Toyota Hiace extensively in its fleet, capitalizing on its reliability and versatility for various transportation services.

Customization for Client Needs

The company customizes Hiaces to suit specific client requirements, enhancing the vehicle's utility for different types of rentals.

Contribution to Business Growth

The Toyota Hiace's durability and cost-effectiveness have contributed significantly to the growth and success of Wadi Swat Bus Rental LLC in the UAE's competitive rental market.

10 Seater Van for rent in Dubai with driver and fuel
Toyota Hiace For Rent in Dubai

Demand for Toyota Hiace in the UAE Market

Market Trends and Popularity

The Toyota Hiace enjoys high demand in the UAE, attributed to its reputation for durability, fuel efficiency, and adaptability to the region’s climate and road conditions.

Comparison with Competitors

Despite the presence of other models in the market, the Hiace maintains a strong position due to Toyota’s brand reliability and the vehicle’s overall performance and value.

Toyota Hiace For Rent in Dubai

The Toyota Hiace continues to be a cornerstone in the UAE’s automotive landscape, valued for its versatility, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Its widespread use in businesses like Wadi Swat Bus Rental LLC, coupled with its popularity among families and individuals, cements its status as a vehicle that efficiently meets diverse needs in the UAE market.

Detailed Comparison: Toyota Hiace vs. Nissan Urvan vs. Kinglong Van

This comparison table provides a detailed look at three popular vans in the UAE market: the Toyota Hiace, Nissan Urvan, and Kinglong Van. The comparison focuses on key aspects such as durability, engine size, engine power, fuel efficiency, market demand, sales, structure, size, capacity, and popularity.



Toyota Hiace

Nissan Urvan

Kinglong Van


High; known for longevity

Good; robust construction

Moderate; depends on usage

Engine Size

2.7L to 3.0L



Engine Power

145-150 hp

147 hp

136 hp

Fuel Efficiency

Approx. 8-12 km/l

Approx. 9-13 km/l

Approx. 7-11 km/l

Market Demand

Very High; widely preferred

High; strong presence

Moderate; growing presence

Sales in UAE

Very High; top seller

High; popular choice

Moderate; niche market


Sturdy, adaptable frame

Solid build, functional

Standard, utilitarian build


Multiple sizes available

Generally larger

Standard size


Up to 15 passengers

Up to 14 passengers

Up to 15 passengers


Extremely popular

Very popular

Gaining popularity


Toyota Hiace For Rent in Dubai

Key Points


The Toyota Hiace is renowned for its durability and longevity, often outlasting its competitors. The Nissan Urvan also scores well in this category with its robust construction. The Kinglong Van, while decent, may not match the longevity of its counterparts.

Engine Power and Size

Both the Hiace and Urvan offer similar engine sizes and power, suitable for their utility as multi-purpose vans. The Kinglong Van has a slightly lower horsepower, which could impact performance under heavy loads.

Fuel Efficiency

The Nissan Urvan edges out slightly in fuel efficiency, which is a significant factor in the commercial van sector. The Toyota Hiace and Kinglong Van offer acceptable fuel efficiency but lag slightly behind the Urvan.

Market Demand and Sales in UAE

The Toyota Hiace dominates in terms of market demand and sales, attributed to its brand reputation and proven track record. The Nissan Urvan also enjoys considerable popularity, while the Kinglong Van is more of a niche player in the market.

Structure, Size, and Capacity

The Hiace and Urvan are known for their sturdy build and various size options, catering to a broader market. The Kinglong Van, while standard in build and size, offers comparable passenger capacity.


The Toyota Hiace is arguably the most popular in its class, not just in the UAE but globally. The Nissan Urvan follows closely in popularity, especially among businesses. Kinglong Van is gradually gaining recognition, mainly due to its competitive pricing.

Toyota Hiace For Rent in Dubai

Price Comparison: Toyota Hiace, Nissan Urvan, Hyundai H1, and Kinglong Van in the UAE

This table provides a comparison of prices for different versions of the Toyota Hiace, Nissan Urvan, Hyundai H1, and Kinglong Van in the UAE. Prices are in AED and represent a range based on various models and specifications available in the UAE market.


Base Model Price (AED)

Mid-Range Model Price (AED)

High-End Model Price (AED)

Toyota Hiace

95,000 - 100,000

105,000 - 115,000

120,000 - 135,000

Nissan Urvan

77,000 - 85,000

90,000 - 100,000

105,000 - 120,000

Hyundai H1

80,000 - 85,000

95,000 - 105,000

110,000 - 125,000

Kinglong Van

70,000 - 75,000

80,000 - 90,000

95,000 - 110,000

Comparison between vans in UAE

Toyota Hiace

Known for its reliability and robustness, the Hiace tends to be priced higher, reflecting its brand reputation and market demand.

Nissan Urvan

Offers competitive pricing with a strong emphasis on durability and space, making it a popular choice for a range of uses.

Hyundai H1

Positioned as a versatile and comfortable option, the H1 balances between commercial utility and passenger comfort, reflected in its mid-range pricing.

Kinglong Van

Typically the most budget-friendly option, the Kinglong Van offers basic functionality and is a viable option for those looking for a lower-priced alternative.

Toyota Hiace For Rent in Dubai


The Toyota Hiace was first introduced in 1967 by the Japanese automaker Toyota.

The Hiace is renowned for its reliability, versatility, and global reputation.

The Hiace and Nissan Urvan have unique features and advantages; a detailed comparison is provided in the article.

The Hiace offers competitive daily rental rates, impressive fuel efficiency, and safe driving, making it ideal for the UAE market.

The Hiace is available in passenger, commuter, and cargo variants, with various seating capacities and customization options.

The Hiace has diverse specifications, including capacity, dimensions, engine options, and fuel efficiency.

The Toyota Hiace offers various seating configurations, typically accommodating between 12 to 15 passengers, depending on the model.

The Hiace is known for its fuel efficiency, with specific figures varying based on the engine type and model. Generally, it offers a good balance between fuel consumption and performance.

The Hiace is widely used in logistics, passenger transport, as mobile workshops, offices, and in specialized applications like ambulances.

As of my last update in April 2023, Toyota had not released a hybrid or electric version of the Hiace, but there is anticipation for such models in the future.

The Hiace is often praised for its reliability, outperforming many competitors in longevity and durability, especially in demanding working conditions.

Yes, the Hiace is highly customizable, with many businesses adapting it for specific purposes, from mobile clinics to catering vans.

Its versatility, durability, and suitability for the UAE’s climate and road conditions make it a popular choice.

The Hiace generally offers competitive rental rates, often providing better value due to its reliability and lower maintenance costs.

Yes, rental companies like Wadi Swat Bus Rental LLC often customize Hiaces to meet specific client requirements.

With proper maintenance, a Toyota Hiace can last for many years, even in the harsh climate of the UAE.

Absolutely, its spacious interior and reliability make it a great choice for families.

The starting price for a new Toyota Hiace in the UAE can vary, but it generally begins around AED 95,000, depending on the model and specifications.

Yes, most dealerships in the UAE offer financing options for the Toyota Hiace, including bank loans and leasing options, subject to credit approval and terms.

Absolutely, the Toyota Hiace is a popular choice for school transportation due to its safety features, capacity, and reliability.

The Hiace, particularly the models with higher ground clearance and robust suspension, can handle mild desert conditions. However, it is not specifically designed for off-road desert driving.

Yes, spare parts for the Toyota Hiace are widely available across the UAE, both from official dealerships and aftermarket suppliers.

Yes, the Toyota Hiace typically comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. The standard is a 3-year warranty, but this can vary, so it’s recommended to check with the dealership.

Common modifications include interior customizations for luxury or business use, exterior upgrades for aesthetic appeal, and performance enhancements like suspension upgrades.

Yes, there is a significant demand for used Toyota Hiaces due to their durability and reliability, which maintains their value in the second-hand market.

The Toyota Hiace is known for its fuel efficiency, often outperforming many competitors in its class, making it a cost-effective option for both businesses and personal use.

Yes, with modifications, the Toyota Hiace can be equipped to accommodate wheelchair access, making it a suitable choice for accessible transport needs.