Staff Transport Luxury Bus

Staff Transport Luxury Bus

Last Updated on November 7, 2022 by swattransport

Staff Transport Luxury Bus is the demand of the day. Gone are the days when executive staff was traveling by normal buses. We provide staff transport luxury buses in Dubai and Sharjah. We are here to serve you for the transportation of teaching staff, hospital staff, bank staff, security staff, and office staff we use our Staff Transport Luxury Bus service. 35 Seater buses or 42-seater buses are fully air-conditioned and luxury drives with excellent interiors. These buses are driven by highly experienced, well-educated, trained, and polite drivers. No doubt, the buses are used for staff transport but very often used for city tours and long journey tours. For inquiries kindly go through the inquiry guidelines to avoid any misunderstanding and delay. For proper booking kindly contact our office on 055 888 2009 24×7 or by phone, SMS or email.

Staff Transport Luxury Bus (Capacity and prices)

  • 30 Seater Luxury bus @ AED 8500 – AED 10,500 Per month or more
  • 35-37  Seater Luxury bus @ AED 10,500 – AED 12,500 Per month or more
  • 40-50  Seater Luxury bus @ AED 15,000 – AED 25,000 Per month or more

Features :
Fully Air-conditioned, Radio, Cassette, Mic, Spacious, Fire extinguisher, First Aid Box,  Comfortable, emergency exit & Full insurance.
CAPACITY: 35 Seats, 37 seats, 39 seats, 43 seats, and 50 seaters Air-conditioned

Areas Of Working :
Hotel Staff Transportation, Bank Staff transportation, School staff transportation, University Staff Transportation, Office Staff Transportation.
Students Transportation, Events and excursion tours, sightseeing tours, VIP Tours.

Mode Of Hiring:  With Driver & Fuel,  With Driver but without fuel
Leasing  Time:  For example, For Single Day, Monthly & Annually

No doubt, we offer our buses only with our driver but in some cases even without driver and without fuel and SALIK.

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For more info kindly drop us an email or contact us by phone, SMS, or WhatsApp.