Toyota Hiace 14 Seater

Toyota Hiace 14 Seater for rent

Toyota Hiace 14 Seater

A toyota hiace 14 seater is the same bus hiace 15 seater but people in market think these are two different vehicles.

Bus Price / Rate AED 650.00 Per Day

Bus Description

Toyota Hiace 14 Seater

A Toyota Hiace 14 seater with driver available in all the seven emirates.If you are planning to have city tour or planning to go to another city with your family and friend, take it. It is quite different than the bus we could see few years back. It is highly comfortable, spacious and elegant. The 14 or the 15 seater vans or hice refer to the same bus.


Ideal For : 10 passengers & luggage

Rate Per Day : AED 600 – 700 Per days of 10 hours.

Features :

Air-Conditioned, Luxury set up and special drive, High Roof and spacious inside.

Areas Of Working :

Tours, Staff Transportation, School Transportation, School staff Transportation etc.

Mode Of Hiring :  With Driver & Fuel ,  With Driver but without fuel

Leasing  Time   :  For Single Day , Monthly & Annually

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Bus Features

Color White or Silver
Capacity 15 Seater ( 14 Passenger + 1 Driver)
Fuel Type Petrol
Make / Year Model Japan (2014 - 2017)
Rate Per Day AED 500/ Day with driver, Oil, Fuel, SALIK daily 10 hours Max
Rate Per Month AED 6500 With driver but without fuel daily 10 hours Max
Rate Per Week AED 400/ Day with driver , oil , fuel, SALIK , Daily 10 hours Max