luxury bus rental dubai

luxury bus rental dubai UAE

Luxury Bus Rental Dubai

A Luxury Bus 50 Seater is good for 50 passengers and their luggage.

Bus Price / Rate AED 1,200.00 Per Day

Bus Description

Luxury bus rental Dubai

luxury bus rental dubai

The luxury Bus Rental Dubai covers Luxury buses that are good for 50 passengers and their luggage. These are of different types and ranges. Wadi Swat is mainly dealing with Kinglong Luxury Bus, Higer Luxury Bus and Yutong Luxury Bus. In fact, there are 35 seating capacity luxury buses as explained before but the 50 seating capacity Luxury bus is the mostly in use . It has open capacity of 51 passengers and 50 baggage. Both, the 35 seater as well as the 50 seater buses are having huge space for luggage.


Dubai City Tours

No doubt, Dubai is one of the best place to visit in the recent era. With Dubai City Tours program we can offer you interesting offers. Dubai Mall Tour by bus, Global village tour and Dubai shopping tour. Marina Mall Tour and Dubai night tour. Using luxury bus rental Dubai you may catch all the attractions of the beautiful city.

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Total = 50 Buses