Luxury Bus Rental Rates

Luxury Bus Rental Rates

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If you are looking for high quality, new and excellent condition buses with driver and fuel, you have to visit our main Home Page or take your trip from the following General Luxury Bus Rental Rates List. We have all types of of Luxury buses starting from 30 seater up to 53 seater buses. Our main brands are Higer, Kinglong, Yutong & Hyundai. Luxury bus rental rates are general so if you have any special requirements kindly let us know. Luxury buses are of different types and ranges. Wadi Swat Passengers Buses Transport is mainly dealing with Kinglong Luxury Bus, Higer Luxury Bus and Yutong Luxury Bus. In fact there are 35 seating capacity luxury buses as explained before but the 50 seating capacity Luxury bus is the mostly used and liked kind of bus.

Luxury Bus Rental Rates

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Luxury bus rental rates in the prevailing Dubai market. We are offering our very best with high quality luxury buses. Please visit our below bus rental rates .

Two Ways DROP Rates
Provided the trips are inside 10-12 hours
Type Of Bus Seats From To & Back Rate
Luxury Bus 37/35 Dubai Abu Dhabi/Alain/Fuj 1000
Luxury Bus 50/50 Dubai Abu Dhabi/Alain/Fuj 1200
Luxury Bus 37/35 Dubai Shj/AJM/UAQ/RAK 700
Luxury Bus 50/50 Dubai Shj/AJM/UAQ/RAK 700
Luxury Bus 37/35 Sharjah Abu Dhabi/KHOR/Fuj 1000
Luxury Bus 50/50 Sharjah Abu Dhabi/KHOR/Fuj 1200
Type Of Bus Max Seats/ Ideal Seats From To & Back Rate (AED)
Luxury Bus 37/35 Sharjah Shj/AJM/UAQ/RAK 1000
Luxury Bus 50/50 Sharjah Shj/AJM/UAQ/RAK 1200
Luxury Bus 37/35 Abudhabi/Alain Dubai/Sharjah/ Ajman/UAQ 1400
Luxury Bus 50/50 Abudhabi/Alain Dubai/Sharjah/ Ajman/UAQ 1600
Luxury Bus 37/35 Sharjah FUJ/RAK/DIBBA 1200
Luxury Bus 50/50 Sharjah FUJ/RAK/DIBBA 1400


Luxury Bus Rental Rates

What a luxury bus offer?

Dubai City Tours and Dubai Sight Seeing Tours are incomplete without a modern type fully luxury bus. A luxury bus has a luxury drive, luxury interiors and luxurious way of dealing the clients. It has a big space underneath for luggage and baggage . It is ideal for 35 people with their luggage upto 35 Medium size bags.

40-45 seater bus for rent

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