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Sharjah City Tour with Wadi Swat

Sharjah City tour is usually from Dubai to Sharjah but very few inside. It is the third largest city after Abu Dhabi and Dubai. It is also called the ‘ Pearl of the Gulf’. This is the only emirate having access to both land and water from two sides the Arabian Gulf and Oman Gulf. It is well known for its historical background, green sceneries and wide open land. It has a beautiful beach now being upgraded to a modern beach. The Sharjah City Tour services  provide you a typical itinerary that will suit your requirement. The emirate is famous for diversity, historical buildings and monuments.  Its traditional markets, museums, Parks and Gardens are worth-seeing. The emirate is also called the cultural heart of the UAE. With Sharjah City Tour we offer you two packages namely ; Sharjah City Tour from Dubai and Sharjah City Tour from Sharjah.


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Explore Sharjah city, the capital of Dubai’s neighboring emirate of Sharjah, on this 4.5-hour tour from Dubai. Sharjah is sometimes called the ‘Pearl of the Gulf,’ and boasts a beautifully restored Old Town of heritage areas, museums and souks. Visit premier sights such as Sharjah Fort, originally built in 1820; see the grandiose King Faisal Mosque; and learn about local life through the ages at the Sharjah Heritage Museum. Lastly, scout out traditional handicrafts and other goodies at two colorful Sharjah markets —the Souq Al Arsah and Souq Al Markazi. See why many call this bustling city the ‘Pearl of the Gulf’ Visit Sharjah Fort and grand Faisal Mosque Gain insight into Arab culture and history at the Sharjah Heritage Museum Find local treasures and snatch souvenirs at Souq Al Arsah or Souq Al Markazi . Sharjah City Tour is incomplete without a trip of the main Souq of

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    • State : SHARJAH
    • Country : United Arab Emirates
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