Hotel Staff Transport

Hotel Staff Transport

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Hotel Staff Transport by bus from hotel to the their rooms and from rooms to their hotels. The Hotel staffs could reach to their hotels on time and will be dropped them back to home safely. Hotel staff transport means any employee in the hotel can travel in the bus. We are currently working with more than 5 big 5 stars hotels in the UAE. Apart from this we also have very good reputation in the market for city tours and sight seeing tours . Our scope of work has presence in Oman and Ruwais Border. Because of various number of trips the job is very difficult and one must dedicate whole heartily to the task to carry it out.

Hotel Staff Transport

Hygienic Policy For Hotel Staff Transport
In the hotel and hospitality industry is a must to take care of cleanliness and hygiene and make it as a routine to be clean , tidy and highly hygienic. Hotel staff Transport doesn’t allow us  be relaxed and leave all the things to the drivers to deal with. There must be a good team to take care of the safety and hygienic standards of the services.

Capacity of Buses in Use for Hotel Transport
Normally, the hotel industry will not rely on a single type of bus but in many cases there are only few types of vehicles that the hotels take.

1:- Toyota Previa 7 Seats
2:- Toyota Hiace (High Roofed) 14 seats
3:- Toyota Coaster 22 Seats ( Totally 30 seats)
4:- Mitsubishi Rosa 34 seats
5:- 35 Seater Luxury Buses
6:- 50 seater luxury buses

Rate for Hotel Staff Transportation
Rates for services like transportation are not easy to guess but if we have a good inquiry with full details from your side then we shall be able to give you excellent rates.

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