Bus Hire in Dubai

Bus Hire in Dubai

Bus hire in Dubai means a bus rental with driver, fuel and all other related expenses what we call all inclusive. If you want to get a Bus hire in Dubai or other emirates is very easy to get through the internet. If you are interested in our bus rental services and want to inquire about the rates, terms and conditions please kindly note the following points to mention in your inquiry. We recommend you to fill in the following form. The more you give information the better you get the price and the better you get our priority and attention. Visit RTA for latest updates about bus rules and regulations in the UAE.

How to get a Bus Hire in Dubai?

Nowadays, the main source of getting something from the market is the internet. You search via Google and you would find various bus rental and bus hire companies in Dubai. You should search through various companies and drop your inquiry. The more you offer information the more you would get a better response. Please provide more information about your requirements so that we may give you better rates. When we know more about your demands, we give better response. You may also drop us few lines on WhatsApp in order to answer you on the spot.

Bus hire in Dubai with driver and fuel

We offer our bus hire services in Dubai and Sharjah with exceptional rates. Wadi Swat offers its buses and vans with drivers only. We offer the following bus rental rates.

Bus Hire in Dubai in the time COVID-19

COVID-19 has brought so many changes to traffic and transportation rules in the UAE. Kindly get in touch for updates.


Daily Rates – (Inside Dubai)

Max 10 Hours per day

Type Of Bus Rates  Max Seats /Ideal Seats Luggage
Hiace 13 Seater  AED600  13/12 5 Bags
Hi-Roof 15 Seater  AED600  15/14 5 Bags
Coaster 23/30 Seats  AED800  30/22 15 Bags
Rosa 26/ 34 Seats  AED850  34/26 15 Bags
Luxury Bus 35 Seats  AED1,000  37/35 25 Bags
Luxury Bus 50 Seat  AED1,200  51/50 40 Bags


Bus Hire in Dubai – (Daily Rent other Emirates)

Dubai to Abu Dhabi / Al Ain/Sharjah/Fujairah  & Back

Daily Rent – Max 10 Hours per day

Type Of Bus Rate Max Seats /Ideal Seats  Luggage
Hiace 13 seats  AED650  13/12 5 Bags
Hi-Roof 14 seats  AED650  15/14 5 Bags
Coaster 23-30 Seats AED850  30/22 15 Bags
Rosa 26-34 Seats AED850  34/26 10 Bags
Luxury Bus 35 Seats AED1100  37/35 25 Bags
Luxury Bus 50 Seats AED1300  51/50 40 Bags



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