Hatta Tour

    Hatta Tour from Dubai

    Hatta Tour

    Hatta Tour is starts from Dubai with good quality luxury bus from Dubai and Abu Dhabi. 50 seater luxury bus and 35 seater luxury buses are picking you from anywhere in Dubai and give you  Hatta Tour.

    Dubai, a city of architectural wonders, is the topmost priority of all the tourists around the world. Apart from skyrocketing buildings and the gleaming life of Dubai, this Arab country has much more to offer. If you want a fantastic trip near a wonderfully natural and tranquil place filled with adventure and architectural wonders then congrats you are at right place. Visit amazing and spectacular Hatta Mountains to feel connected with your soul. Hatta Mountains is the best place to visit for all the adventure and thrill lovers. Never miss a chance to have this epic outdoor adventure which is a blend of epic desert safari and nature tripping.


    Hatta Mountain Tour

    This fantastic panoramic and breathtakingly beautiful village of Hatta is nestled in the Hajar Mountains and is in the east of Dubai city.

    This place is full of glorious ancient heritage due to with it is honored as a Heritage village.

    Throughout the trip, it will be our topmost priority to make you feel comfortable. Due to the rocky roads, we will take you by 4×4 vehicles.

    I am sure just by reading this much you will be excited to have a fantastic journey with us.

    After enjoying the spectacular landscape for an hour almost, you will reach there.

    Where you can visit the large building of Hatta Fort and enjoy many other activities.

    You are here to build beautiful memories for your life. And we provide you with a chance to collect those precious memories.


    Hatta Dam Tour

    Yes, you heard right for all the adventure lovers you will have a chance to be Hatta Dam. You will enjoy Kayaking in the tranquil and glitzy water of Hatta dam while being awestruck in the beauty of the place.

    One of the best attraction of Hatta is its dam which blue water and fantastic surrounding will take your breath away.

    Never miss a chance to enjoy Hatta Kayak with your friends and family here in Hatta Dubai Tour.


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