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Disabled kids bus Sharjah

Disabled kids bus Sharjah

Description: Disabled kids bus Sharjah is especially designed for disabled kids to be transported with ease. We provide transportation services for Handicapped, Disabled  ( kids with special needs) students and school students. The new term used for the same is also called Kids With Special Needs. 

TRA Recommendations:

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has launched a specialized bus for people with disabilities to complement the ‘Hafelaty’ program, an initiative of the ‘Rashid Center for the Disabled’ to transport disabled students.

The new bus facilitates their movement and provide a comfortable means of travel to help ensure their successful completion in the qualifying programmes provided by the centre. This initiative is also part of the various programmes launched by the TRA in support of disabled children.

The bus has special features to support passengers with disabilities. Such as, movable stairways, wide spaces for wheel chairs, big doors, internal signals for students with hearing disability. Also, voice commands for students with vision disability and many other features that are having design for compliance with set global standards.

The TRA expressed its continuing commitment towards supporting people with special needs, treating them as important members of the society and affording them with the same rights that all citizens and residents of the UAE enjoy.

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Disabled kids bus Sharjah

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