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    Welcome to one of the prominent bus rental company in UAE.

    Wadi Swat Passengers Buses Transport
    15 Seater Hiace for rent 1 in Dubai

    15 Seater Hiace for rent

    • Capacity:14 Seats & 11 Seats
    • Daily:AED 550
    • Weekly:AED 3000
    • Monthly:AED 7,500
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    35 Seater Luxury Bus Rental 2

    35 Seater Luxury Bus Rental

    • Capacity:35 Basic Seats
    • Daily:AED 650 half day,1000/Day
    • Weekly:AED 6000
    • Monthly:AED 15000
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    14 Seater Hiace 2 for rent in Dubai

    14 Seater Hiace for rent

    • Capacity:14 + 1 Seats
    • Daily:AED 550 - 650
    • Weekly:AED 2500
    • Monthly:AED 6000 - 8500
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    30 Seater coaster bus rental Dubaill

    30 Seater bus rental

    • Capacity:22 & 30 Seats
    • Daily:AED 850
    • Weekly:AED 4500
    • Monthly:AED 8500 - 9500
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    Site Workers Transportation by bus Duabi

    Labors Transportation by bus

    • Capacity:60 / 84 Seater Buses
    • Daily:AED 800 - 1000
    • Weekly:N/A
    • Monthly:AED 9500 - 10500
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    80 Seater AC Bus Rental 2 Sharjah

    80 Seater AC Bus Rental

    • Capacity:84 seater for 66 persons
    • Daily:AED 1000
    • Weekly:AED 5000
    • Monthly:AED 9000
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    34 Seater Bus Rental in Dubai

    34 Seater Bus Rental

    • Capacity:26 seats + 7 folding
    • Daily:AED 850
    • Weekly:AED 4500
    • Monthly:AED 9000
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    50-53 seater luxury bus rental for Sharjah o Abudhabi Bus

    50-53 Seater Bus Rental

    • Capacity:51 Seats
    • Daily:AED 1200 - 1400
    • Weekly:AED 7000
    • Monthly:AED 30,000
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    12 Seater Hiace Bus 1 Dubai

    12 Seater Hiace Rental

    • Capacity:12 Seats
    • Daily:AED 600 - 650
    • Weekly:AED 2500
    • Monthly:AED 6500
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    13 Seater Luxury Bus Rental 2 Dubai

    13 Seater Luxury Bus Hire

    • Capacity:13 Seats
    • Daily:AED 2000 - 2500
    • Weekly:AED 12000
    • Monthly:AED 35000 *
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    16 Seater luxury van Dubai

    Luxury Van Rental

    • Capacity:16 & 13 Seats
    • Daily:AED 2000 - 2500
    • Weekly:AED 12000
    • Monthly:AED 35000
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    20 seater minibus rental Dubai

    20 seater Bus Hire

    • Capacity:20 seats + driver
    • Daily:AED 800 - 850
    • Weekly:AED 3000
    • Monthly:AED 8500
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    22 Seater minibus For Rent in Dubai

    22 Seater minibus For Rent

    • Capacity:22+1 Capacity
    • Daily:AED 800 - 850
    • Weekly:AED 3500
    • Monthly:AED 8500
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    25 Seater bus rental Dubai

    25 Seater bus rental

    • Capacity:30 & 22
    • Daily:AED 800
    • Weekly:AED 3000
    • Monthly:AED 8000
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    37 Seater Luxury Bus For Rent

    37 Seater Luxury Bus for rent

    • Capacity:37 & 35
    • Daily:AED 1000
    • Weekly:AED 5000
    • Monthly:AED 12000
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    60 Seater AC bus rental Sharjah

    60 Seater Bus Hire

    • Capacity:60-66 Seats
    • Daily:AED 1000
    • Weekly:AED 4500
    • Monthly:AED 9000 - 10500
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    66 Seats Bus For Rent Sharjah

    66 Seats Bus For Rent

    • Capacity:84 & 67
    • Daily:AED 1000 -1200
    • Weekly:AED 4,000
    • Monthly:AED 10,000
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    84 seater bus rental

    84 Seater Rental

    • Capacity:84 & 67
    • Daily:AED 700
    • Weekly:AED 3000
    • Monthly:AED 7500
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    Transport Companies in Dubai

    Passengers Transport Companies in Dubai are as many as 50 times of Sharjah. Dubai is giving its visitors a luxury of options to choose from. There are VIP Super luxury coaches, there and VIP Luxury Bus and vans. Rental bus with driver in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi with exceptional prices for the year 2020.

    Wadi Swat Buses Rental LLC  Dubai & Wadi Swat Passengers Buses Transport provides you your dream bus rental services. We provide Dubai City Tour with distinction. Our bus hire program will accompany you throughout your stay in the UAE.

    Wadi Swat Transport is the ideal place for quality bus hire. You will choose from a variety of services and a big fleet of vehicles.

    The company has a big team of dedicated professionals. We are here to meet all your transportation needs and make all your dreams and expectations.

    Passengers Transport Companies in Dubai prices

    With the uneven fluctuation of the oil prices, bus rental rates are varying. Dubai Bus Rental is clearly given update about current situation.

    What We Do?

    Wadi Swat Passengers Buses Transport is one of the biggest and the most reliable company for bus hire in the UAE.

    We are striving to meet your bus rental requirements as per your expectations.

    We specialize the following types of activities and services that may catch your kind consideration.

    Dubai Tourism

    1. Daily Bus Rental Dubai Services for City Tours
    2. Buses rental Dubai with driver
    3. City Tours & Shopping Tours
    4. Dubai to Abu Dhabi Bus Tour
    5. Abu Dhabi to Dubai Tour By Bus
    6. Dubai to Al Ain Bus Trip
    7. Al Ain to Dubai Tour by Luxury buses
    8. Dubai Desert Safari Trip
    9. Dubai to Sharjah Bus Tour
    10. Sharjah to Dubai Bus Tour

    Dubai & Abu Dhabi Shopping Trips

    1. The Dubai Mall Tour by Bus
    2. Bus Rental Dubai to Abu Dhabi
    3. Emirates Mall Shopping Tour
    4. The Dubai Marina Mall Trip by bus
    5. Old Souk Shopping Tour
    6. Spices Market Tour
    7. Meena Bazar Tour by bus
    8. Bus Hire Dubai

    Sports & Other Events – Bus Rental Dubai

    1. Football Stadium Transportation
    2. Bus Rental for birthday parties
    3. Cricket Stadium Transportation Services
    4. Motor City Transportation Services
    5. Formula One Transport Services
    6. Dubai World Trade Center Transportation by Bus
    7. ADNEC Events Transportation by bus
    8. Cultural Events Transportation by bus
    9. Dubai Dance Festival Transportation Services
    10. Global Village Transportation By Bus
    11. Bus hire Dubai with luxury buses

    Schools & Students Bus Rental Services

    1. School Transportation Services by bus
    2. Students Transportation Services
    3. Private Transportation Services for School Students
    4. University, Colleges & Institutes Transportation
    5. Students pick up and drop off services by bus
    6. School Staff Transport Hospitality & Airports with bus rental Dubai
    7. Hotel to Hotel Transfer by bus
    8. Transfer from Hotel to City
    9. Hotel to Airport Transport Services
    10. Airport to Hotel Transfer
    11. Hotel Staff Transport
    12. Hotel Guest Transport
    13. Bus hire for religious purposes

    Our Mission in Bus rental Dubai

    We want to turn your dream  of travelling in high-class vehicles at affordable rates. Our rental program has big variety and it has well-disciplined staff.  We are one of the most organized bus rental services in town. Dubai City Tour is basic service ingredient that we are proud of. We provide 12 seater van rental Dubai service for airport transfer or family tours.

    What we do?

    Bus rental Dubai provides bus transportation services for Dubai City Tour & Dubai City Sightseeing. Whether you are resident, a tourist or a businessman, it is due for you to experience the fascinating beauty of Dubai. Our Dubai City Tour will give you the chance to explore all the secrets of Dubai.

    A 12 seater van is ideal for a short family tour. It renders transportation services for schools, colleges, universities, institutes, hotels, construction and contracting companies.

    Our Historical Background

    Established in 2014, Wadi Swat Passengers Buses Transport has bus rental as its main program. It has been receiving customers from across the world. The company owners are in the same industry for the last 15 to 20 years with proven track record. We specialize in all types of bus transportation services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

    Our Clients

    The company deals with top quality companies and institutions in the UAE. Luckily, we have a big fleet of buses and a team of trained drivers. Also, we have a dynamic team of administrative staff, all of whom, contribute towards uplifting the company.  We have more than 200 existing clients while there are walking customers daily adding value to our company. Our bus rental and Transportation services are headed by professional staff who are in the market for the last 20 years.

    Where are we?

    In fact, quality and professionalism are two most valuable qualities for the company. We offer high quality of bus rental Dubai services at affordable rates. To know more about our services kindly visit our other pages. We have mainly two offices Wadi Swat Passengers Buses Transport and Wadi Swat Buses Rental LLC. They are located in Sharjah & Dubai respectively.


    Transport Company, Wadi Swat Passengers Transport Services
    Wadi Swat Passengers Transport Sharjah


    Our presence in the market

    Apart from this we have operations in all the seven states of the UAE. Our main offices are in Dubai and Sharjah but our transportation operates in all corners of the country.

    However, we operate all types of city tours even in the very remote areas of the countries like Dibba and Oman borders. City tour program is handled from all the major cities on the UAE.

    COVID-19 Updates

    Kindly stay in touch with the recent updates and restrictions about COVID-19.

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    Our Services

    We provide transportation services for schools, colleges, universities, institutes, hotels, construction and contracting companies. We are the pioneer to bring bus rentals services online in the true sense. Apart from this, we are providing services to hospitals, restaurants, event companies and wedding parties all over the UAE. In short, you are just a single step away from being served. Finally, we are very thankful to you for reading us. And, we want to hear from you again and again.

    What People says About us