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35 Seater Luxury Bus Rental

35 seater luxury bus rental dubai

35 Seater Luxury Bus Rental
A  35 Seater Luxury Bus Rental program is second capacity program in the luxury buses. Apart from 35 seater luxury bus we have 50 seater luxury bus and 45 seater luxury bus. It has enough space for 35 people as well as, there a huge space for luggage underneath. The bus is fully equipped with all the modern accessories. Its comfort-ability level is the best in the current time.  The bus is suitable for short as well as long journeys. The bus air-conditioner , heater and  LCD Screen . CD Player, AUX , Audio, Microphones are available in all the new versions of luxury buses. The bus is ideal for 30 passenger. In short, 35 seater luxury bus rental program includes all our basic facilities and also, the updated ones in the town. The very new Luxury Buses also include GPS tracking by default. For more info kindly visit our Contact Us Page .

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