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15 Seater Hiace Rent

Last Updated on November 8, 2022 by swattransport

15 Seater Hiace rent service in Sharjah and Dubai with discounted rates and experienced drivers. Wadi Swat Buses Rental LLC is offering 15 seater Hiace for rent with driver, fuel & full insurance.  We are offering our very best rates for staff transportation, labor transport, and school transport. We offer our bus services in Dubai , Sharjah & Ajman. 15 Seater Hiace rent in Dubai. 12-14 seater hiace for rent in Sharjah. Toyota Hiace is now coming in mainly two or three types of combinations.

The biggest one is the High roof that has 14+1 seating combination. This vehicle has a high roof and very comfortable seats. The second category is popular as Midroof that has a bit smaller roof and smaller seats compared to a high roof. Its combination is also 14+1 and it is used for normal transportation. The third category is called a standard roof that is good for 12+1 passengers and not good for tourism or executive staff transportation.

15 Seater Hiace Rent Detail

Wadi Swat Passengers Buses Transport provides all the three shapes by daily , weekly and monthly rent. A 14 seater hiace van or bus normally costs AED 600- AED 650 per day of ten hours and it costs AED 3000-3500 per week of 6 days.

15 Seater Hiace Rent


Ideal For: 10 passengers & luggage

Features: Air-Conditioned, Luxury set up and special drive, High Roof and spacious inside. For detailed info please visit our homepage or Hiace.

Specification: For detailed specification please click Here. Areas Of Working: Tours, Staff Transportation, School Transportation, School staff Transportation etc.

Mode Of Hiring:  With Driver & Fuel ,  With Driver but without fuel Leasing

Time:  For Single Day , Monthly & Annually

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